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2024 Gold Medalist

We are proud to announce our Reserve Cabernet has won a Gold Medal in the Texas International Wine Competition!

Wines were submitted from 11 countries and 27 states and we are honored to have received this award. Click here to get award winning wine!

Spotify Playlists

We've created a playlist to match the mood of every bottle of Sauvignon John to enhance your overall experience!

How to Listen: Open Spotify, click search and then the camera icon, point the square at the QR code on the back of our label & enjoy

All American Wine Brand

From every grape we harvest, to the boxes we use to ship, we source every material here in America.

In addition, it was important for us to show our patriotism through our label. The background of our label is a scan of the Declaration of Independence, the 13 stars that wrap around both sides represent the 13 original colonies, and our logo itself is modeled after John Hancock's famous signature.

Flavor Profiles


Tasting Notes:
This medium bodied, unoaked Chardonnay has crisp notes of pineapple, lemon peel, yellow apple, guava and pear with a creamy texture and hints of

Food Pairing:
Enjoy with salmon tartare, grilled halibut, herb chicken, or fettuccini alfredo.

Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting Notes:
This complex wine has aromas of pear, notes of lemon citrus, subtle hintsof fresh coconut flavors and a white floral component.

Food Pairing:
Enjoy this food-friendly wine with fresh seafood like ceviche, charcuterie, or with Asian food and vegetables.

Pinot Noir

Tasting Notes:
This light bodied Pinot Noir has flavors of strawberry and cherry on the palate with spice notes including white pepper, oregano, nutmeg, clove, and vanilla.

Food Pairing:
Enjoy with roast duck, pork tenderloin, or pasta with chicken and mushroom.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Notes:
Aromas of black raspberry crumble and cocoa dust lead to flavors of black cherries and sugar plums with a hint of vanilla.

Food Pairing:
Enjoy with steak, a ground beef burger, or short ribs. Also pairs excellently with dark chocolate.


Tasting Notes:

This Rosé has aromas of wild strawberry and raspberry, a fresh fruit medley and a delightfully juicy finish on the palate.

Food Pairing:
Enjoy with salads, light seafood, pasta, or dishes with goat cheese.