Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reach out to you if there was an issue with my shipping?

Please do not hesitate to email info@sauvignonjohn.com if you had any issues with your order. We only want the best for our SJ customer and are more than happy to help resolve any problems.

Where are Sauvignon John wines from?
Our wine is grown and carefully curated in the Central Coast AVA (AVA) of California, specifically Santa Barbara county.


How much sugar is in a bottle of Sauvignon John?
Our wine is very limited on it's sugar content. The following are the amounts of sugar per bottle for our different varietals. 
Cabernet Sauvignon - 0.075 grams
Sauvignon Blanc - 1.8 grams
Rosé - 0.34 grams


What should I pair my Sauvignon John wines with?
Cabernet Sauvignon -  Enjoy with red meats, roast poultry and sautéed vegetables
Sauvignon Blanc - Enjoy with seafood, pastas in cream sauces, cheese and green vegetables
Rosé - Enjoy with salads, light seafood, pasta, or dishes with goat cheese.

How do Sauvignon John wines taste? 
Cabernet Sauvignon - Aromas of black raspberry crumble and cocoa dust lead to flavors of black cherries and sugar plums with a hint of vanilla. 

Sauvignon Blanc - Aromas of pear, notes of lemon citrus, subtle hits of fresh coconut flavors and a white floral component. 
Rosé - Aromas of wild strawberry and raspberry, a fresh fruit medley and a delightfully juicy finish on the palate.

Can I buy Sauvignon John in any stores or restaurants?
Yes, we are quickly growing! Check out our Restaurants & Retail tab for details!

How is Sauvignon John different from other wine subscriptions?
At Sauvignon John, we understand the desire to find wines worthy of sharing without breaking the bank. Far too often we had watched friends and family splurge for a "nice bottle" only to have it sit on the counter until a special occasion, or grab from the bottom shelf only to find themselves drinking a wine truly as cheap as the price tag. With this, we set out to create a brand that could deliver extremely high quality wine at an affordable price point. 
To be confident in the fact that we had the highest quality wines in every bottle, we spent about a year before launch taking our samples to sommeliers around Houston getting their raw, educated feedback. We did not settle on the products we have today until we received consistent feedback from these top tier sommeliers that we had a $60-80 wine in our hands.


Can I buy Sauvignon John wine without subscribing?
Of course! We offer the subscription model as a way to save on every order and take the hassle of reordering off of your plate, but we do allow one time orders as well. You can choose different quantities of the red or white to try out, or mix and match with our Combo Package!

Which states do you ship to?
At the moment, Sauvignon John ships exclusively to locations in Texas. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you and we hope to be adding more regions soon.


Can I ship to a business address? 
Yes! In fact, business address are often the best and most reliable way to receive your wine.


Can I ship to a PO Box?
PO Boxes are specific to USPS, which does not allow the shipment of alcohol through its service. Therefore, we unfortunately cannot deliver to a PO Box.